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Volume 38, Issue No. 3, Week of July 17, 2011
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"I just want to know, . . .

Butterfly Running after Cat with Leo Buscaglia and his Unicorns looking on.

do you believe in unicorns?" Leo Buscaglia

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"The Road Not Taken"
By Robert Frost


University of Wisconsin, Parkside (UWP)
California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH)
Created: December, 1998
Latest update: July 20, 2011
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  • Check out CATS who CROCHET and Susan's Sometime Scarf, in free form, our planned first project.

    Susan's Sometime Scarf

    The instructions on this will be up by next week. OK. OK. I lied. But in good faith. I thought they would be up. Actually, I just got to them this week. I know, I know. I'm a little slower than I was at 40. But they're coming. They're coming. Oh, my goodness, we seem to be back to Paul Revere again. He road his horse to warn the townspeople the British were coming. He had been signaled by those watching for British ships. "One if by land, two if by sea." You see, they didn't know how the British or when the British were coming, but they did know that they were coming to suppress the rebellion against exorbitant taxes in which they had no voice and the King refused to listen to them. Well, at least we'll know our American History. jeanne

    Our Mission

    I didn't get this next link up yet. Sorry. jeanne 06.28/2011

    Turning ethics and justice and transparency and accountability into governance discourse, that someday we may have a public-sphere that will support humane and caring government for all of us on this globe. Now, if you'd like to know what that academese means in plain English, please click here for more. jeanne

    Our Goals - To Learn that Bullying Lives well beyond the Schoolyard and to Understand that Humans Can Rise Above Their Basest Instincts

    Who Are We? - Women Who Cared Enough to get Ph.D.s and Then to Believe in Them - in what we learned, that is.

    SquiggleOnline Reference Sources for Conversations that Matter

    • Newspapers: Labeling here is based on an article by Ashley K. Vroman on the impossiibility of labeling newspapers by ideology. I personally go along with the conclusion of the conservative Media Research Center's L. Brent Bozell III: if the paper never met a conservative cause it didn't like, it's conservative, and if it never met a liberal cause it didn't like, it's liberal.

      But then, what about the Wall Street Journal whose news staff is considered liberal and its editorial staff considered conservative? Does that make them a tad schizophrenic? Not unless we all are. None of us humans are completely inflexible. Sometimes we think like liberals, and sometimes we think like conservatives, and sometimes we just plain forget to think before we speak.

      Luckily, journalism has worked hard at maintaining a thoughtful and rational standard that we be honest and fair in what we report. Today we need to think on this a little more, because some popular media are more concerned with reporting "opposing" than "fair" perspectives, and are terribly careless with the meaning of "facts." jeanne 06.25.2011

    • Los Angeles County Library. Online service.

    • World Cat Online search for finding books available in your local librairies. This may have become far more essential as funding for librairies is being cut. Check it out.

    • Great books online. Free. Check it out. One of the most important things to learn in the next few years is how to access information without paying a fortune for it. Many of us believe in free access to that information that helps us to become more responsible citizens. jeanne

      I found Gottfried Keller, whom I hadn't read since Newcomb. Gottfried Keller (18191890). The Banner of the Upright Seven. The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. 1917. Keller was a 19th Century German romantic, whose work was so different from the French romantics. His stories were delicate structures of crystal. Especially compared to Victor Hugo.

      Table of Contents of Harvard Classics So much great literature for your reading pleasure.

    • will give you extensive information on what's truth and what's rumor and what's not in news reporting and viral vidoes and e-mails. This is offered as a Public Service by the St. Petersburg Times, for which we thank them profusely. These are times for checking your facts.

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